Our Founder

Our Founder

Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey, a mother happy among children was an outstanding. Character endowed with extraordinary energy and remarkable gifts, intelligence, breadth of vision, strength of character with wisdom, faith, hope, prudence and enterprising qualities.

Seeker of God’s Holy will

Woman of prayer and contemplation

Single-minded follower of God’s will

Fearless and indefatigable missionary

Wise and creative instructor of children

Tender and loving nurse of the sick

Courageous protectress of the persecuted and downtrodden

Intelligent collaborator will all workers the apostalate

Gentle mother to all in need

A leader who never demanded more of others than they could give and yet who challenged everyone to give their utmost

Who balanced creative genius with common sense and humour

Recommended the practice of self-sacrifice and union insisting with humility, courage and charity