Vision And Mission

Vision & Mission

True to the vision of Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey and the will of God, we aim at inculcating a sound Christian and human formation, for the total development of the whole person, making the student a well-integrated person, spiritually, socially, intellectually, morally and culturally, well-equipped and ready to collaborate with others in the building up of a just world of social order.

Consequently, the Cluny students will be formed according to the ideals proposed below:

Thus the Cluny School leaver will be

Blessed ANNE MARIE JAVOUHEY (1770-1851), urged by the desire to seek, find and accomplish the will of God founded the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, in Cluny (France) under the patronage of St. Joseph. In fulfilling the will of God revealed to her by special intervention to God, she went beyond the boundaries of France to Africa and Mana (South America). At Mana, she was the pioneer for the liberation of African slaves (apartheid). Her daughters scattered over the five continents, imbued with the same zeal, carried on her mission in the social, medical and educational field.

A woman of strong faith in God, with a deep relationship with God in prayer which enables her to search for find, accept and accomplish God’s will in all aspects of her life.

Convinced of the common Fatherhood of God and the bond of fellowship among human beings, she will learn to accept her own uniqueness and that of others and the marginalized in society, as persons.

One who is aware of social injustice, by study and exposure. Through proper leadership skills (see, judge, act) she is trained to reflect on and analyze these unjust social realities. Realizing that these unjust realities are against the will of God and the dignity of human persons she becomes motivated to act as an agent of social change, a liberator of social evils now, move on as an adult member of the society.

One who has learnt to strive for academic excellence using all the available means in the school, in a spirit of acquiring and applying knowledge and of collaboration rather than competition, she will have skills to evaluate and criticize objectively and constructively and the capacity and concern to continue her own formation.

One who is prepared for family life and responsible parenthood and has respect for life and defends it.

One who has imbibed the human and therefore Christian values of simplicity, dignity of labour, forgiveness, tolerance, generosity, and is committed uncompromisingly to these values.

Patriotic, respecting the different cultures around her, she will work for national integration and communal harmony, respecting others without distinction of caste, creed, language and economic status.

In addition, the catholic student will receive catholic formation (Doctrinal, Scriptural and Liturgical). She will be prepared through leadership training, to become a committed catholic leader.